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About Nethergong

Nethergong is a family business with Jed and Christine supported by daughter Hannah and her partner Dan running the campsite and son Lewis running his local Veg Box scheme. Nethergong is perfect for both families and couples with a wide variety of locations, including spots away from it all.
We have a two-acre wood with tall, evenly-spaced poplar trees and grass underfoot. In addition we have several grassed camping areas, including the First Field, the Fruit Trees, the Carp Lake and the New Duck Pond. Some areas can be let exclusively to groups of families dependent on availability and numbers. See our Map for more details.
One of our most popular areas is either side of our shallow Frog Pond, populated by many marsh and common frogs, toads, dragon flies and damselflies and the odd grass snake! The frog pond is suitable for pond dipping and paddling and nets can always be found in our shop (our best seller). Our one-acre Carp Lake can be fished by campers and is not open to the public. Every morning at 10am Jed can be found with a throng of children feeding the carp which compete with the swans and the ducks for the food.

History of Nethergong

In the early 90's Jed's father planted 3000 English broad-leaved trees on our 26 acre piece of beautiful Kent countryside. Jed then dug out two lakes and more recently stocked the carp lake with thousands of carp for our campers enjoyment. Our oak, ash, willow, elm and beech trees are our pride and joy and at 25 years old are now coming to maturity.
We started welcoming campers in 2010 having previously run a small nursery on the site. Remnants of the nursery still remain with one polytunnel where we grow tomatoes, peppers and chillies to supplement the Veg Boxes in summer and sell to hungry campers. The polytunnel also doubles as a wet and cold-weather retreat for campers and is equipped with toys, games and books for children with tables and chairs to relax in.


The natural and unspoilt nature of Nethergong enables hundreds of wildlife species to thrive and live harmoniously with our temporary human guests. Our wildlife includes:
  • Hundreds of frogs. Our marsh frogs' chorus (best heard from April to July) has to be heard to be believed
  • A resident swan family who have raised a brood for the past three years
  • Rare dragonflies and damselflies
  • Coots, moorhens and ducks of all varieties
  • Newts, lizards and bats
  • Rare visiting Turtle Doves
  • Cuckoos in spring
  • Nightingales singing at night
  • Owls - From the riverbank you can also see the Barn Owl nesting boxes across the far side of the field. We also have Little Owls and Tawny Owls
  • Marsh Harriers and Buzzards.

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